Class of 2018

Zenzele Price

Class of 2019

Heather Pincus

Heather Pincus is a junior double majoring in Economics and Government. She is currently serving as Wesleyan Mock Trial's External President, and loves Mock Trial more than pretty much anything. Originally a Public Forum Debater, she converted to Mock Trial her freshman year of college. Heather is originally from Washington, D.C. and hopes to go to (eventually!) go to law school. Aside from Mock Trial, Heather serves on the Government Majors Committee and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Heather Pincus is a junior double majoring in Economics and Government. She is currently serving as Wesleyan Mock Trial's External President, and loves Mock Trial more than pretty much anything. Originally a Public Forum Debater, she converted to Mock Trial her freshman year of college. Heather is from McLean, Virginia (or Washington, D.C., depending on who's asking) and hopes to (eventually!) go to law school. Aside from Mock Trial, Heather serves on the Government Majors Committee and enjoys long walks on the beach.

William Dempsey

Will Dempsey is a junior double major in Government and Philosophy. Will hails from Stamford, CT, and plays for Old Methodist Rugby, Wesleyan's club team. If you had to ask Will for one thing to put in a bio on the Mock Trial website, he might shrug his shoulders nonchalantly, much like a regular dude. But if you're feeling the urge to discuss Wittgenstein's Tractatus with someone who knows and loves it, Will's your guy.


Class of 2020

Nell Buechler

Nell Buechler '20 is a College of Letters and History double major with a minor in French. When she's not at Wes, Nell lives in Austin, Texas. This is Nell's second year doing Mock and her first year really understanding what hearsay is. If you're looking for someone who cares more about Napoleon than her own well-being, then Nell is the person to talk to. 

Josh Ng

Josh Ng is a prospective English and Economics double major from Hong Kong. Josh is currently serving as Wesleyan Mock Trial's Director of Finance. It’s easy to spot Josh when he plays an expert witness: he wears a pair of black rimmed glasses and acts as pedantic as Paul from Midnight in Paris (not a character trait). When he’s an attorney, he sits on the edge of his chair, and utilizes over-the-top hand and arm gestures. When he’s not working on mock trial, you'll probably find him watching The Office and Parks and Rec in his room, reading instantly gratifying books (e.g. Dan Brown’s oeuvre), or thinking about mock trial.

Eugene Smith 

Eugene Smith is a sophomore from central Florida (aka the middle of nowhere) double majoring in Government and American studies. This is his second year doing mock trial and he hopes to spread the good news of diction drills to every member on the team. When he is on the bench he likes to consider himself the suave attorney that will make all the old men judges swoon. When he is not doing mock he his ruining friendships by arguing with his friends due to the need to release his competitive edge.

Tess Vartanian 

Tess Vartanian is a prospective History and Government double major from Virginia (no, not northern Virginia). This is her second year of Mock Trial and she has already taken up the habit of justifying her improvised closings as “extemporaneous speaking.” When she’s not obsessing over Mock Trial, you can find her riding horses with the Wesleyan Equestrian Team or ranting about the decline of Western Civilization at the Wesleyan Political Union.

Toby Wertime 


Tobias Wertime is a sentient being from the fourth dimension, sent by abstract, omniscient entities to ensure that Wesleyan Mock Trial would have a person to organize social events, and to try their very best to get everyone as [redacted] as possible, as often as possible. He’s from Bangkok, Thailand and enjoys gossiping with fellow mock trial enthusiasts Joshua Ng and Aditi Mahesh about mutual friends from High School. He is a History and Economics double major and French Minor, and, much to the chagrin of his editor, enjoys writing about soccer for the Wesleyan Argus.

Lexi Prendergrast

Alexandra (Lexie) Prendergast travels a LENGTHY distance to get to Wesleyan— Waterbury traffic adds at least twenty minutes onto an otherwise hour-long trip from her hometown of Danbury, Connecticut. Though she’s a sophomore, this is her first year of Mock Trial. If you’re looking for her, you can find her on the fourth floor of PAC reading *literally* 1,000 tear-stained pages of Karl Marx or Jean-Jacques Rousseau or maybe John Locke (she is a CSS major). If you’d like to attend a talk about Adam Smith on justice, she’ll gleefully point you in the right direction.

Lucy Poturyan

Lucine Poturyan is a sophomore hailing from the little known town of Hollywood, California. She’s a prospective double major in Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies (REES) and Government, with a concentration in international relations. When she isn’t frantically penning directs, Lucine can be found  wasting all her points on Cheez-Its®, oil painting, or going through one hundred and fifty tweet-long threads composed of solely iconic vines, because c’mon, who hasn’t been there. Also, her last name is derived from an archaic word for pants. Yup, pants.


Class of 2021

Aditi Mahesh

Aditi Mahesh is a prospective Government and Psych major (or CSS major…depends on who she’s talking to). Every time someone asks Aditi where she’s from, she has a bit of panic- because she really has no idea. She was born in Seattle, but grew up in Houston, Bombay, and Singapore. In high school she was an avid MUNner (along with Tobias!) which encouraged her to try out for mock trial at Wes! 

Bella Morais

Ethan Addis

Ethan Addis is from Philadelphia, representing the 212 and the class of 2021. Ethan's life in the Windy City is not a walk in the park; he always has to carry chapstick and can only use too-small umbrellas. Ethan is a prospective major in maybe government or maybe CSS with maybe a minor in the QAC womp womp who knows? Not Ethan! Outside of Mock Trial, Ethan runs by himself and also goes to college at Wesleyan University.

Jacob Barabas

Jacob Barabas is a freshman from Fair Haven, NJ. Jacob is currently serving as Wesleyan Mock Trial's Training Director. This is his first year in Mock Trial and so far everything seems great. In addition to competing in Mock Trial, Jacob plays viola in an ensemble. His favorite president is Teddy Roosevelt, and his favorite food is steak. Jacob went to a biologybased high school, and never wants to learn about a golgi apparatus again. Current interests include government, economics, math, and law.

Jonah Skolnik

Jonah is a prospective History and possibly College of Letters double major. Jonah comes from Concord, Massachusetts, a town basically straight out of a Thornton Wilder play. This is his first year doing mock trial, but has already fallen madly in love with it. Outside of mock, Jonah has an unhealthy obsession with history, enjoys debating politics, and rewatching every episode of Game of Thrones, nerdishly comparing it to real history.

Nia Eddy-Pina

Nia Eddy-Pina is a freshman and a prospective philosophy and government major. This is her first year competing in Mock Trial on the collegiate level and she's very excited for the opportunity. When, she is not seen running late to a meeting for Mock Trial, she's playing Field Hockey for the Wesleyan Cardinals or reading some obscure philosophy text.

Nika Litt

Nika Litt is a Freshman who hails from the quaint, small town of Los Angeles. He has been doing Mock Trial ever since 10th grade, but took a break during senior year because he would get nervous rashes and shakes before having to compete. No wonder he joined Wesleyan’s Mock Trial team! Nika is a prospective Theater and Math major (I know, how liberal arts of him). Outside of Mock, you can find Nika either watching an obscene amount of television, memorizing the birthdays of random celebrities, or staring blankly at walls.   

Pablo Wickham

Fitzroy Wickham, AKA Pablo, is a freshman and a prospective double major in Neuroscience and Theatre. Pablo is from Jamaica (where Mock Trial is non-existent) and this is his first time dabbling with it. Now a convert, he is looking to sharpen his skills in the art. When Pablo isn’t doing Mock, you can find him singing aloud in the wrong key, watching music videos, napping or playing fusball in Bennet. He is a friendly guy and so are his other personalities.

Virginia Sciolino 

Virginia Sciolino is, contrary to popular belief, from Mississippi- not Virginia- and came to Wesleyan to see snow and continue the Mock Trial career she started during her Sophomore year of high school (she was busy watching Futurama and Desperate Housewives during Freshman year). She is a prospective Film or Religious Studies (or History or Government) major- who’s to say? - but plans to go to law school after college. If you need extra legal pads, an overwhelming field of conscious presence, hand-crafted Mock Trial doodles, or a conversation about William James or Lyndon B. Johnson, Virginia is your girl.

William Mahoney



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