Wesleyan A in the 2015-16 season after the Wilmington, DE, ORCs and a four-day mock trial boot camp in PA. The team placed 11th out of the teams there and finished the year ranked 105th out of teams country-wide. Wesleyan A now ranks 30th.

These were the competitors on Wesleyan's Mock Trial Team for the 2016-17 season.


Class of 2017

Erica Arensman**

Treshauxn Dennis-Brown

Victoria Hammitt

Molly Muoio

Nat Warner


Class of 2018

Becca Elsner**

Zenzele Price*


Class of 2019

Roman Darker 

Heather Pincus*

Dom Vasquez**


Class of 2020

Nell Buechler 

Chelsea Cantos 

Arjun Nayar 

Josh Ng**

Aditi Shenoy 

Eugene Smith 

Tess Vartanian 

Toby Wertime 


*indicates president or vice-president

**indicates executive board leadership